LAR Chromebook Launch Event

A Chromebook laptop for Education is shown sitting on a wooden desk.

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Leigh Academy Rainham would like to thank you for your support so far this module and congratulate your children on an excellent start to their time here. 

We are writing to invite you to our Chromebook launch event on the 14th of September, 6pm – 7pm in the Academy Main Hall. You will be able to park on site and should enter through reception where you will be shown into the main hall. This event is for parents only and pupils are not to attend.

The purpose of this event is to give information and demonstrate the Academy’s expectations around the use of Chromebooks and we encourage you to bring a paper and pen should you wish to make notes about any of the sessions content. Slides will also be shared online after the event for families to access and refer back to. You will be shown the following:

  • What is a Chromebook?
  • How to use a Chromebook.
  • Where to get support from.
  • Academy expectations regarding appropriate use.
  • Homework and knowledge organisers.
  • Online Safety

National Online Safety

At Leigh Academy Rainham we are committed to keeping your children safe online, this is reinforced to the pupils through their computing lessons. As a reminder to parents, please ensure that, as a minimum, you have completed the National Online Safety course entitled “Online Safety for Parents of Children Aged 11-14 with Myleene Klass. “This will need to be completed prior to your child receiving their Chromebook. When you log in to the system using the details sent to your personal email address you will find this course already assigned to you under your ‘Watchlists’. No device will be distributed without completion of this course which we can monitor and track through the system. 

We have also provided additional training via the Watchlist to complete the Annual Certification in Online Safety for Parents of Children Aged 11-14 should you wish to develop your knowledge further. We would thoroughly recommend that you do complete this course as it will give you a much clearer idea about online safety.

Collection of Chromebooks

Chromebooks will be available for collection at the event, but only if you have completed the National Online Safety course and bring the signed loan agreement which accompanies this letter. Other available pickup times will be available as described in the table below.  

Date  When Where 
14th September 2021 Chromebook event Dining Hall
15th September 2021 8:30-9:30am after drop off Reception 
15th September 2021 2:30-3:30pm after pick up Reception
16th September 2021 3:15pm-4:30pm after pick up Reception 

Internet Support

If you are concerned about a lack of internet access for your child at home please contact the Academy using as we may be able to support some families with this. 


  • Please complete your National Online Safety course entitled “Online Safety for Parents of Children Aged 11-14 with Myleene Klass.” 
  • Print, read and sign the loan agreement for this letter, if you do not have a printer at home then please ask your child to collect a paper agreement from Student Services.
  • Log into Google Classroom with your child to ensure their login details are correct.
  • Fill out the Google Form to confirm your attendance for the event and to add student details.


Kind regards, 

Mr S Blinkhorn | Assistant Principal