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“My son has really blossomed since attending Leigh Academy. He was a shy, reserved child at Primary School whose confidence was not high at all. He did not feel he was ‘good’ at anything and would never volunteer for any extra curricular activities or tasks. However, since attending Leigh Academy Rainham we have seen him completely change. He is confident, enthusiastic and encouraged at school now. He is proactive about completing work, has spoken in front of the school, showed adults around, become an ambassador for a subject and has achieved countless reward points and awards. He is enjoying going to school and is already becoming more autonomous and responsible in himself. We have nothing but great things to say about Leigh Academy Rainham and the impact it has had on my child both personally and academically.”

“My son has come into his own since joining Leigh Academy Rainham. We are very happy he attends this school, the staff are all brilliant! We couldn’t wish for better.”

I feel my son is thriving at this school, he goes to school happy and comes home happy. He has gained a lot of independence and has got a lot better at organising himself  since starting at Leigh academy. I am overall really pleased with the school.

“The school is having a positive influence on our son. He loves the after school clubs and the opportunities to participate in competitions. On a recent visit to a school event it was lovely to see the way the teachers and students interacted together; I left feeling very proud and reassured to have my son at this setting.  We value the efforts that the teachers and school are going to ensure high standards of teaching in a safe environment.”

This school is really fantastic, my son has grown in confidence and this is down to the teaching staff  giving encouragement and demonstrating positivity. My child often tells me how the teachers make the effort to engage in conversation with them during break/lunch time, it is really refreshing to hear. Couldn’t ask for a better school for my son. Thank you for all your hard work, it doesn’t go unnoticed!!

The school has started off with high expectations of students, and is carrying this through which is good to see. My daughter has really grown in her maturity to school and has a high drive to do her best and ensure her homework is completed to a high standard and on time. The after school clubs are very diverse and provide a different experience, catering for all children. The extra activities that the school provide is also lovely to see, for example the Winter Wonderland and the escape room challenge. This is our first child to attend secondary school, and our expectations have been met and also exceeded.

“My son is doing brilliantly at this school, I’ve not seen him as happy at school as he is at this one. He is developing lovely and I couldn’t recommend my son’s or my experience with the school highly enough.”

“I’m so grateful to all the teaching staff. My daughter loves school so much! She’s loving all the lessons, especially Spanish, and the after school sports clubs.  I’d highly recommend this school! Thank you”

“Whilst the rules can appear strict and numerous, my son has found they give him clear structure and boundaries which helps him with his performance, knowing what is expected and no ambiguity.  He really enjoys some of the more interactive ways of learning using the Chromebook, eg in Spanish, and I find it really helpful to see what homework he has incoming so that he feels supported in this by me if required.  He also says the cookies in the canteen are the best ever!”

“I feel my son is well supported at school and that he is making good progress. Following the transition from primary, and watching him navigate and settle into a more routine secondary school life, I feel my son is happy at school and the clear instructions and structure suit him; he really wants to do well and succeed. I’m also very pleased the teachers have shown an interest in him to support him accordingly both academically and individually. Thanks to Mrs Millward and her caring staff.”

My Children are thoroughly enjoying their time at Leigh Academy and are really engaged with their learning. The teachers are amazing and obviously work very hard to deliver fantastic lessons. When one of my sons was extremely anxious about starting a new school he had fantastic support. Overall, as a family, we are extremely happy with this school.

My son is loving being at this school, I like that the children are fair but firmly disciplined I have noticed this has helped with the level of respect my son has for adults and other children around him

Parent and student survey results

Parent responses

Parent responses

Agree and Strongly Agree Percentages

My child/ children feel safe at this school


The school makes sure it’s pupils are well behaved


My child/ children have been bullied and the school have dealt with the bullying quickly and effectively


The school has high expectations for my child


My child can take part in clubs and activities at this school


The 1 to 1 digital device strategy (Chromebooks/ iPads) has enabled my child/children to learn more effectively at school (and at home if applicable)


Student responses

Parent responses

Agree and Strongly Agree Percentages or Some of the time + all the time %

My school encourages me to respect people from other backgrounds and to treat everyone equally


Having access to an individual device (e.g Chromebook, iPad) has helped with my learning


Teachers help me to do my best


I enjoy learning at this school


The behaviour of other pupils in my lessons is good


The behaviour of other pupils around the school is good


I feel safe when I am at school


I would recommend this school to a friend moving to the area