Leigh Academy Rainham is a non-selective academy for boys and girls. Prospective pupils are not required to take or pass the Medway Test or any other entry tests to apply for a place at the Academy. This page provides the necessary documentation to understand the Admissions Arrangements for prospective Year 7 pupils.

LAR Admissions Arrangements 2021-2022

Admissions Process 2022 - 2023

Here you will find the Admissions Arrangements Procedures for Leigh Academy Rainham for 2022-2023, please read this guidance carefully, in conjunction with the guidance on the Medway and Kent County Council Admissions pages:

Admissions FAQs

Does my child have to take the Medway Test or a Fair Banding Test to apply to Leigh Academy Rainham?

No. Children do not need to sit or pass the 11 plus or any other form of test to apply for our Academy. We are an inclusive academy that will be open to all pupils regardless of their academic ability.

Should I still apply for other schools in the area or will I be guaranteed a place?

Yes you should apply elsewhere as we cannot guarantee anyone a place. We strongly encourage you to use all your options as there has been significant interest in the Academy and it is very possible we may be oversubscribed. It is crucial that you also apply to other schools in the area via this website so that your child is not left without a place at a local school:


What is the catchment area? Is there a set distance you will accept children from?

There is no defined distance, postcodes or council areas we will be offering places to so if you live in Medway, or Swale, we encourage you to apply! We are often asked what mileage from the academy you will need to be in order to receive a place but there is not a specific border to our catchment. Whether you are successful in receiving a place is determined by the number of other applications we receive from children that may happen to live closer to the Academy than you. This means the catchment distance may vary year to year based on how many other people apply at various distances. If we are oversubscribed we apply our admissions criteria (as outlined in the document at the top of this page) and distance will be one of these criteria.

The Academy is very close to the border for Swale Council, despite being in Medway. Will I still be able to apply if I come under Swale Council but live very close to the Academy?

Yes and we encourage you to apply! As outlined above if we are over subscribed, distancing criteria is applied, therefore places are offered based on distance, not councils. Leigh Academy Rainham will be represented on both Medway and Kent County Council Admissions Pages so that you can apply regardless of which council you live in.