Parent Survey Comments

Below are just some of the responses we received in our February 2024 parent survey.
Thank you to all those who took the time to respond.

“My daughter feels safe, knows what is expected of her and feels that she is rewarded for her effort and hard work. The staff are brilliant, always helpful and we feel that they really lead by example. We are still so happy with this being our choice of school for our daughter. It’s a real ‘lead by example’ school and that really filters down from Mrs Millward right the way through to the children. Keep up the great work!”

“The school for me is not just about education but about developing young people into good citizens in all aspects of their life and having respect for themselves and the wider community. I like the fact there are defined boundaries and these are enforced but also that students are praised and recognised for good effort and behaviour. There is also a variety of extra curricular clubs to cater for all interests.”

“Overall my son is thriving at this school. He has developed good relationships with peers and teachers and is maturing into a well rounded young person. He understands boundaries and consequences and I feel that this will set him in good stead as he becomes a young adult.”

“The high standards of each child, both academically and on a emotional development are commendable. My child knows the rules and understands why he must follow them. This has led him to become more self-disciplined and mature as each school year has progressed.”

“I sense that the children buy into the values that the school stands for and for us our child works very hard to meet or exceed staff expectations. There is a clear and consistent message from the school which reinforces the right behaviour.”

“Sending my boys here has been the making of them to date. They are well behaved, self motivated, respectful and mature. Mr Smith has always been an encouraging, positive role model for both boys. Expectations for the children are clear and disruptive, bad behaviour isn’t tolerated. Both my children understand what’s expected as the boundaries are very clear. There are always a variety of clubs available for the children to attend.”

“We are proud as parents that our children are fortunate to attend this school, and can see that they are striving to do their best for the students. We also applaud the community project in year 9.”

“The school ensures my child gets the support required, even though my child has started school later on in the year, school has made sure my child gets support in lessons that he has misses and offered extra support in Spanish due to him having another language at different school, to make sure he is in the level that he should be.”

“Leigh Academy Rainham offer a wide range of clubs/activities which help my child with social interaction, physical exercise and learning new skills. Staff are polite, friendly and show enthusiasm in my child’s development. The school has high but achievable expectations when it comes to behaviour and respecting each other.  I particularly like that they do not allow smart phones, as this was a big factor when applying for schools, taking away the worry of children on social media during school and distracting them from learning, also lowering the chances of cyber bullying.”