‘Unlocking potential; making dreams reality’

Our values ‘Dream, Believe and Achieve’ reflect our strong belief that there is no ceiling to what a student can achieve, regardless of their ability and personal circumstances and at Leigh Academy Rainham we see it is our collective duty to unlock potential, making dreams a reality.  We believe in developing the whole child, embracing individuality and celebrating success in a multitude of ways.  Students will be supported to excel in understanding and applying a knowledge and skills rich curriculum, gaining the necessary academic accomplishments and talents to embrace a variety of further educational and vocational opportunities. Every student is empowered to become a confident digital citizen through the use of their 1:1 device, equipping them with the skills to succeed in our diverse world where technology and research is rapidly advancing.  The curriculum is also underpinned by the International Baccalaureate MYP programme,  creating diversity of thought and an open-mindedness that will enable them to thrive moving forwards.  

Promotion and development of the LEIGH Learner attributes of Leigh Academy Rainham is seamlessly interwoven throughout the academic, pastoral and co-curriculum offer. Leadership, Emotional intelligence, Inquisitive, Grit and Humility are key qualities that we will instil in our community members and they will mature into reflective and resilient learners, confident critical thinkers and effective collaborators  who can work both independently and as a team to overcome challenges. Our commitment to work with groups in the community to become an Eco-School will foster an environment within which students will be empowered to take an active role  in leading change to protect their future planet, inspiring others to follow.  

Our college structure ensures that the pastoral and academic learning experience of every student is personalised; students are nurtured and coached appropriately in a safe environment, with the necessary support and adjustments in place to meet our uncompromising expectations and aspirations in all walks of academy life. The academy is wholly committed to fostering strong partnerships with our families, understanding that excellent communication and relationships with parents and carers is a cornerstone of a child’s academic success and personal development. 

At Leigh Academy Rainham we inspire a mentality that by embracing opportunities placed in front of you, the world is your oyster. Students will truly flourish, becoming inquiring, compassionate, culturally and environmentally aware young adults with the skills, knowledge and attributes required to be highly successful in achieving their own personal goals, as caring members of our community and as leaders in tomorrow’s world.

Our Values

  • Dream – have high aspirations for yourself and your community.
  • Believe – be resilient, persistently striving to overcome challenges with purpose and integrity.
  • Achieve – become a highly successful, lifelong learner and global citizen, capable of leading tomorrow’s world.