Every student will receive their own Chromebook device which is loaned by the Trust in agreement with Parents / Carers when they join the Academy. The use of 1:1 devices in and beyond lessons is a key part of our Digital Strategy and is the gateway to the wealth of experiences and information available to students within and beyond their community. Parents are required to collect a child’s device, it cannot be handed directly to students when first loaned, and you will need to sign a Loan Agreement Form. Students will also be required to sign an Acceptable Use Policy when they first use their devices in the Academy. We strongly encourage parents to invest in a Chromebook sleeve case to protect the device and ensure it lasts the required time while their child is attending the Academy, affordable covers can be easily found online.

Students are expected to take care of their device and responsible for ensuring it is brought to the Academy fully charged every day as part of their compulsory equipment list. They should not leave their device charging overnight as this will shorten the battery life and lead to complications in period 4 and 5 lessons should they be required to use their device frequently throughout the day.

Chromebooks can support students to learn in a multitude of ways, but do not replace traditional writing in books and will not be used every lesson. As an Academy we are aware of protecting students, and staff, from excessive screen time and encourage you to ensure students do not spend a significant proportion of their evening time using devices. For further guidance on how to use Chromebooks, please visit the LAT Chromebooks Website.

The Digital Leigh Learner


  • Communications through a variety of digital media
  • Collaborates with others online
  • Develops conceptual understanding through multimedia platforms
  • Engaged in online learning
  • Reflects on online feedback, responding to comments

emotional intelligence

  • Explores alternative viewpoints, cultures and contexts online in an open-minded fashion
  • Digital Citizen aware of online etiquette, a caring and compassionate digital user
  • Balanced use of digital and non-digital media to learn


  • Uses online platforms and software to enquire and seek answers
  • Critical thinkers who challenges information they are exposed to online
  • Creative thinker who explores new creative digital media to enhance their learning


  • Takes risks trying new digital platforms and activities as a part of their learning process
  • Resilient when learning and implementing new digital skills


  • Takes responsibility for the care and use of digital services
  • Applies Academic Honesty Policy with integrity at all times

Digital Curriculum

The intended Digital Curriculum will ensure:

The intended Digital Curriculum will not:

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